Discovering Ireland

In this section you will find stunning day trips, exceptionnel weekend excursions and long weekend ideas from Cork. You also have plenty of choices if you are located in Dublin, Galway, Waterford...

Take these ideas as a reference and have a look at more routes and hidden places yourself which will bring the 'real Ireland' to you far away from the main tourist trails and well known busy roads

We have divided
Discovering Ireland into three sections:

Day Trips from Cork City

Weekend Ideas

Enjoying Long Weekends

We have not got any copyright permissions so far to present specific maps of the places to visit
. This is about to change, so in the meantime please feel free to explore additionally the Internet to get further infos for your travel preparation (in our view the Google maps or similar softwares are the best). We will provide as many details as possible about the roads and directions to take as well. Hope you enjoy. Please come back to us at any time if you require more information.

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